Take a Diving Vacation Far from the Madding Crowd

In midst of the Indian Ocean, you’ll find your piece of paradise in Maldives. Maldives scuba diving is definitely a breathtaking endeavor. Get more tips for diving destinations to know what to bring when diving. Pack your bags and read up below:

Best Reef Dives

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Hoping My Husband Joins Me in Some Yoga

Inner Space Yoga & Scuba Retreat - Alyki - Reviews of Inner Space Yoga ...When my husband suggested that we travel to Greece, I instantly agreed. He told me to find a resort that I liked and to make the arrangements. I knew he would be busy with work for a part of each day, so I decided to do a search for yoga greece so I could have something to occupy my time as well. I found a gorgeous resort that offers things for both of us. I booked us a suite since he would be spending a good bit of each morning in the room on his computer.

While he was doing that, I would be able to enjoy morning yoga classes. I had taken a very basic yoga class and fell in love with it.

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Best Places for Americans to Live and Work Overseas

Sometimes we have the desire to move oversees and live in a country other than our own, but don’t know where to go. Even if you have been wanting to make the switch to living oversees for years, you may still be unsure and have many questions racing through your mind. Which countries are the best to live in, and why? Which countries am I most likely to find jobs in that can support my family? These are two very common questions, and are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the worries and questions that come with moving oversees to a new country, whether you are moving for good or only a few months. To help you with your journey, here are some of the best places to live oversees.

  • China – This is one of the most popular places for people to move oversees to. There are numerous job opportunities available, and many US companies ship their workers off to this country to work. There are plenty of people to interact with, since the country houses nearly a fifth of the world’s population.
  • United Kingdom – This is another popular choice, as they are primarily an English speaking county and have some similarities to America. There are lots of job opportunities for Americans available, especially in the ever popular city of London. In addition there are tons of things to do, along with a lot of people to meet, making this a family friendly country to move to.
  • Germany – Another place with lots of jobs available for Americans, this is a popular choice. The country has a beautiful culture and tons of interesting things to do and see. If you enjoy exploring culture and having fun, this may be a good option for you.
  • Netherlands – Amsterdam in particular is a good place for American’s to live in, especially if they have professional working experience. Some of the top companies in the world are in Amsterdam, and it would be a great opportunity to work for any of them.
  • Australia – This beautiful English speaking countries is a particularly good place for anyone to live. There are many high ranking companies to work at, and the capital city, Sydney is one of the most livable cities in the world.

These are just 5 of the best countries for American citizen to work and live in. There are many other options that could work for you. People from America live anywhere from Hong Kong to Singapore and are doing well. Do your research beforehand, and make sure your destination has an abundance of jobs in your filed of excellence, along with anything else you desire in a  living space, and you will be just fine. Moving oversee can be a great experience, full of new cultures and experiences. Once you get there, settle in, relax, and make the most out of your new life.

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What to Expect When Living in Barcelona as a Expat

It is no hidden secret the Spain is one of the most traveled to countries in the world. Spain boasts an interesting culture and way of life for its’ people, a stunning and beautiful landscape, along with amazing manmade structures, and is home to an interesting group of people that always seem to be friendly, especially towards tourists and expats. Some of the tourists who travel here end up as expats living here without even planning it after being absolutely captivated by the countries beauties. So, what are these expats now experiencing? Why did they make the move to Spain? And the ultimate question, what is it like living there?

Benefits of Living In Barcelona

  • Spain has a low cost of living, and is often much cheaper to live here to live in the United States or Britain. Because of this the citizens quality of life and standard of living are usually quite high, meaning they live well and have fun.
  • People who have jobs that work well in other countries, such as teaching foreign languages, will not have too much difficulty finding a job in the major cities Spain.
  • Barcelona houses much of the countries unique culture. There are plenty of places to visit, restaurants to eat it, and things to do.

Things To Do and Places to Visit

  • If you really want to see the culture of Spain, than take a walk down La Rambla, a famous boulevard in Barcelona. Just by taking a walk down this boulevard, you will get to see stalls set up selling unique pieces of art, and will get to see some amazing sights and entertainment, like human statues, dancers, and even fortune tellers.
  • If you are into music and theater there are numerous concerts put on all around the city, so you are sure to find something you would enjoy. Notable places to visit to see these concerts and performances are L’Auditori and Palau de la Música Catalana.
  • Visit any number of the amazing eateries in the city and your palette will be pleased. There is a wide variety of choices out there, and far too many to list. A notable choice is Euskal Etxea, which is different than many American restaurants. Here you will get to “pick” at your food with a toothpick, enabling you to try bite sized morsels of delicious Spanish treats, ranging from delectable fun sized croissants, to miniature sized slabs of tender meat.

Living in Barcelona, Spain is an experience that everyone should have the opportunity to live. With all the countries hot spots in its capital city, you can really get a feel for the culture of Spain. Whether you are sitting in a packed stadium watching a musical concert, sampling some of the famous artwork the city holds, or even eating tiny food with tooth picks, there will always be something to do when living in Barcelona.

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A Short Guide to Being an American Expat

Moving abroad and becoming an expat can be an exciting, life changing experience. You will get to see many new sites, sounds, and maybe even learn a new language when you make the decision to move abroad. Sometimes the changes will overwhelm you and add stress to your life, but in time the good moments will overpower the bad. Here are some things to keep in mind as you are becoming an expat that will help you survive and thrive in your new country.

  • In order to lesson culture shock and make sure you don’t embarrass yourself, be sure to research your new country as thoroughly as possible before you make your move there. Learn what food their people eat, what their culture and gestures are, what holidays they celebrate, and anything else that would be of good use in your new home. If they speak a different language than you make a good effort to try and learn it, at least enough to understand people you meet, enough to convey what you want and need to people.
  • Be prepared for loneliness and homesickness, at least at first. Over time these feelings will lesson as you get settled into your new life. To combat these feelings, try doing something that makes you happy and lifts your spirits. Activities such as yoga and meditation, reading a good book, listening to music, or doing something artsy, such as painting, are all good choices to help combat loneliness and homesickness.
  • Don’t expect to make friends the first day you arrive. Though it is certainly possible, other countries cultures are different than ours, and they may take longer than we do to make new friends, so don’t take anything personally.
  • Be prepared to have some negative feelings at first. When you first arrive at your new home, you will be filled with excitement and probably some nervousness too. As time goes on and you start to notice how different the country is from America, you may begin to resent moving there. Nothing will be the same from your home country, and you may have some culture shock issues. Just try to learn the ropes, do as the other people do, and remind yourself that every country is different. Keep in mind that the country is different from what you are used to, and that over time it will become second nature to you – to them all of this is normal.

Being an American expat can be exciting, nerve-wracking, difficult, and amazing, all at the same time. Your feelings and emotions will be pulled in all directions during the initial few months of your life in your new country, but over time everything will even out and you will begin to feel comfortable and at ease with your new home. Just be prepared and remember that not everything will go perfectly, and go with the flow. With some careful preparation and a positive outlook on life, you will do just fine in your new home.

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Living in Spain As An Expat

Living in a country other than your own is an amazing feeling. Often times, life in other countries is so different than it is in your own, that you may feel like you’ve been transported to another world, one where you are free to be who you want to be. A great place for any British or American individual to live as an expat is Spain.  This is a popular choice for expats from English speaking countries. The country is absolutely magnificent, with interest culture, beautiful sights to be seen everywhere you go, and a low cost of living and high quality of life. Spain really is the place to be.

If you are considering living in Spain as an expat, you will first need to decide which area of Spain, what city, you want to reside in. There are many cities scattered across the country for you choose from, but some are better than others for expats. Here are some viable choices to look into.

  • Barcelona is probably the most frequented location in Spain for expats, particularly English speaking expats. As the countries capitol, it symbolizes all the country is about, and there is plenty for you to find there. This is the heart of the country and here is a prime location to learn about the unique and varied cultures of Spain, all while venturing to see breathtaking sights and sounds. On top of all these reasons to choose Barcelona as the city to reside in, it also houses many job opportunities for you to earn your living.
  • Madrid is another popular choice among expats, and can be another very viable option for you. This city is another great place to learn about the culture of Spain, any even a few other countries. Madrid is very common among expats and tourists and has really became a melting pot of nationalities and cultures lately, so you will learn a lot. In addition, with all the tourists around you will never be lonely, and it is likely you’ll always be able to find someone else from your country hanging around the city.
  • Valencia is a less common choice, but still a good one. This city is full of friendly people who will help guide you through your transition from your home country to theirs. The community here is very family friendly and in general a great place to live and reside. This city is truly unique, and the locals even have their own special language that they share amongst themselves.

Spain is a true hotspot for expats, and the number who lives there is growing rapidly. If you have the desire to live in a place with a high quality of life but low cost of living, than Spain may be the right fit for you. Remember that the cities above are just a few options, and there are endless amounts of possibilities open to you.

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